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Welcome to our website COMENIUS “SOS Europe”.
We are students and teachers from highschools in Parabiago/Italy, Dublin/Ireland, Palma de Mallorca/Spain, Sofia/Bulgaria, Torun/Poland and Syke/Germany. We had done some great international projects in the past, but now we have been cooperating for the first time in this constellation. The project has been a great chance to meet new friends in Europe and learn about their lives, their schools, their towns and countries, culture, lifestyle, their hopes and wishes. We wanted to look beyond our horizons and become true Europeans, overcome prejudices and find respect for each other - and absorb the manifold inspirations we will get from each other’s beliefs and values.

A first planning meeting in Syke/Germany end October 2013, where directors and teachers from each partner country met and immediately became friends, has been a great start. Then there was the meeting in Dublin in February 2014. Irish friendliness and hospitality were overwhelming, and we have fond memories of hours walking in the rain along fascinating lakes and cliffs. Our next meeting was in early May 2014 in Sofia. During the meeting, we worked hard at school, we saw the beauty of the capital, and also the ancient Plovdiv. The next step was meeting end of September 2014 in Parabiago. The programme of the meeting was fantastic. At school, the participants presented traditional food and sports in their countries. Then in snowy Torun in mid-December where our wonderful Polish hosts presented a 12-course-Christmas dinner, we told each other about our Christmas traditions, sang songs and had so much fun. 2015 began with the encounter in sunny Mallorca in May with “A Little Concert for Europe” with so much young European talent. Also, there like at all the other meetings students and teachers enjoyed all the creative activities and excursions together. The final meeting was in Strasbourg in June, where we could visit the EU-Parliament and felt the unique atmosphere in the center of Europe.

The project “SOS Europe” is over now, but we will stay in contact as we know that our friendship will last. Hopefully some day our dream of a new project “Erasmus+” will come true.

Our Successes

2007-2008 - E.U.D.A. 2008 Project
The first trinational school educational project took place in 2007 while the students together created the English website "Hopes and Fears of Young People in Europe" and with that got the third place in the European competition "EU Dialogue Award" from the Centre for European Education.

2009-2010 - Friend and Enemy
The project "Friend and Enemy”, won the first prize in the category of school projects in the competition "Keep the memory", which was organized by the international organization – the „Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk“ (the Polish-German Youth Cooperation.)

2011-2012 - European Citizenship Prize 2012
Our project “It is normal to be different!” was awarded the European Citizenship Prize 2012 of the European Parliament. The European Citizens' Prize is intended to reward citizens, groups or associations or organisations for their actions promoting a better understanding and closer integration between citizens of the Members States, through cross-border cooperation within the European Union giving concrete expression to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Comenius Programme

This Comenius Project is funded by the
"Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union"
The Comenius Programme focuses on all levels of school education, from pre-school and primary to secondary schools. It is relevant for everyone involved in school education: mainly pupils and teachers but also local authorities, representatives of parents’ associations, non-government organisations, teacher training institutes and universities.


Our Teams (Group Photo)

Poland Team
Italy Team
German Team